Just Around the Bend
Autumn Slivers l
Autumn Slivers II
Grapes of Wrath
Sage for the Senses
Tangled Boughs I
Tangled Boughs II
Tangled Boughs III
Tangled Boughs IV
Spied A Breeze
Terrace Mountain
Blossoms Dance
Simmering Grace
Twilight Sway
A Family Affair
Trish's Dream
Autumn Breeze
Phoenix Flower
Enough to Fill
Silver Birch
Wooded Glen
Evening Shadows
Forest Floor
Poppy Rain
In The Wind
Mosaic Vines
Flying Cherries
Butteryfly Grapes
Winter's Shadow
High Point
Winter Solstice - Diptych
Water on Fire
The Thick of Things
Eye of the Storm